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University of Wisconsin-Madison Partnership

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) partners with us and Village Health Project Uganda several times a year to provide its students with invaluable field experience relevant to their coursework. Some of the groups of students include:


Global Health Certificate Field Experience Students

One requirement of earning the Global Health Certificate is field experience. Among the many pre-approved field experiences is the Uganda Program, which has an emphasis on health and nutrition. The students visit for two weeks, and part of their experience includes becoming familiar with our systems, touring, and learning the operations of the Lweza Agriculture Demonstration Center (LARDC), as well as visiting the Lweza Primary School in Kabembe for interactive activities with the students.


Medical Students

A group of students from the UW-Madison Medical School come annually as well. They participate in several mobile clinics throughout Uganda. Upon completion of the Lweza Community Health Education Center (LCHEC), the students will provide screenings and education from there.


Student Organizations

Student organizations at UW-Madison also contribute to our progress. The Engineers Without Borders organization, for instance, is currently undergoing a project on the LARDC property to retrieve clean water from the water table to provide to the community. Such profound efforts make a lasting impact on our ability to reach our vision in the Lweza community. Additionally, they provide an incomparable learning experience to the students.


​Individual Study

Multiple students have visited for various increments of time for independent studies including graduate school research.

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