Lweza Agriculture Demonstration Internships


Interns are welcome throughout the year. Interns play a crucial component in the success of our gardens and provide an invaluable field experience for our interns. We are currently seeking an intern for the Summer 2021 Term. 


  • A self-starting, proactive individual is willing to work most of the time independently.

  • Strong communication skills and ability to interact well with community members of different cultural backgrounds

  • Must have experience or knowledge in nutrition and agricultural practices

  • Must be studying or have experience in: agriculture and nutrition

  • Experience with Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, and mapping software recommended


  • Supervising three workers

  • Maintaining healthy livestock including cows, pigs, chickens, goats

  • Maintaining healthy crops, fruits, and vegetables, including matoke (plantains), pineapple, eggplant, avocados, mangoes, spinach, collard greens, and more

  • Maintaining biodigester for the production of methane gas and manure

  • Implementing drips irrigation scheme to ensure the best yields of crops

  • Implementing technology to record garden operations and track progress


To apply, use the link below: 



For Questions Email: 

Professor James Ntambi: jmntambi@wisc.edu or Jayne-Norah Ntambi: jntambi@wisc.edu


Are you interested in interning for a different term? Include the dates you wish to intern, and we will advise you accordingly.