Sponsor a health program

  • Dr. Sekadde Kiyingi sponsors family Size and Better Health and Wealth Promotion (FSBHW).

  • Sustainable reduction in poverty and wealth creation in the Lweza-Mukono community, as a major key to enhanced health, will be the main focus of this project.

  • FSBHW promotes family health through a Ten-point health screening and education program will be carried out. The entire Lweza-Mukono adult population will undergo screening for ten main health indicators like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and height, to name a few. This will initially be a cross-sectional fact-finding/research intervention of the entire Lweza-Mukono community, whose results will be used to promote the community's continued health and beyond directly.

  • Brain-storming sessions will be held with the “youth” on improving their personal and family financial welfare. The youth will be encouraged to discuss the values of having smaller family sizes as a key to increasing their future personal and family wealth. This all towards the goal of improving their health standards as well as minimizing their levels of poverty.


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