About Us

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is based in Madison, WI, USA but operates as a center of excellence in the Lweza village of the Mukono district in southern Uganda.


We implement various projects that link together health with agriculture, nutrition and education in order to address non-communicable metabolic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, fatty liver disease and some cancers.

Enhanced preventive interventions and scientific research where possible coupled with economic development are applied to achieve these objectives.  We partner with national and international institutions and organizations to create a stronger force in reaching our vision.

Our Vision

We envision long term, self-sustaining systems between agriculture, health centers and schools that educate and empower the members of the community to eliminate non-communicable diseases through preventive health and lifestyle modifications. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to first establish a self-sustaining system in the village of Lweza to serve as a model that will be used to replicate and adapt to in other communities in the future. Our goal is to combat non-communicable silent killer diseases while improving community health through lasting techniques and interventions.

Why We Do It

The Lweza Center of Community Health Initiatives (LCCHI) was created in response to the growing concern of the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Africa including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and fatty liver disease.


The will utilize a multi-faceted place-based model approach to improving human health through collaborative efforts that engage all partners and the people in the community.

The focus will be on the use of up-to-date scientific and research knowledge to control as naturally as possible, the emerging "silent" disease killers of obesity, hypertension and diabetes using comprehensive agricultural, nutritional and educational approaches. 

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